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Paintings by Yuri Buchma:
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Fine Art Photography

1a. Self-portrait with women
1b. Woman and moon
1c. The war
2a. Self-portrait
2b. Composition ND
2c. Family
3a. Super girl
3b. Musicien
3c. Woman and fly



The submitted works
are executed
in various technics:
oil on canvas,
relief paint,
paint-pastels on paper
and mix

4a. Muse
4b. Une illusion
4c. Girl and guitar
5a. Masque d'un lion
5b. Kiev centre
5c. Doll
6a. Jazz
6b. Swing
6c. Song






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4a. Dictator
4b. KGB: victims and agents
4c. Policy and irotika
5a. Dance
5b. Figures on a beach
5c. Fear
6a. Old ballerina
6b. Creativ impulse
6c. Woman with a wing











4a. The man egg
4b. Muse
4c. Mémoires de Modigliani
5a. L'affaire est dans le sac
5b. Lizbiennes
5c. The man and dolphin
6a. Dance








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